Miércoles, 21 marzo 2018

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The last book I read was “Otoño en Londres”, its writer is Andrea Izquierdo. It was about a group of young people that met at university. The main characters were Lily, Martha, Ava, Connor, Rex, Oliver, Meredith and Finn, there were more characters but these are the main ones. They had different styles of life:

Lily– She was very happy and funny but she had many secrets

Ava– She was very shy and she had a rabbit, she had problems with anorexia

Tom– He was very handsome, he was very famous in youtube and he loved swimming

Martha– At first she was very friendly but in fact she was a lier because she made the other people get angry one another

Connor– He was very normal and he loved putting a cup on

Rex– He had  a tatoo of a wolf and he bougth drugs

Oliver– He was Lily’s exboyfriend and he sold drugs

Meredith– She was very beautiful and he loved the boys

Finn– He was very famous in youtube, and he was gay

Resultado de imagen de otoño en londres

Although all of them were different they were together because of the same reason: the strength of friendship.

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