Australia-Spain. Living here, living there.

Martes, 27 marzo 2018

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If we dig a tunnel in a straight line from Logroño to the other side of the Earth, we would almost reach Mahani’s house.

Mahani is the Australian native who this year complements our English language learning. She arrived to Logroño few years ago and she is perfectly integrated in the city, although life here is very different from life there.

  • What is the biggest change for you?

The biggest change between Spain and Australia, I think, is the timetable. I used to getting up earlier, going to work earlier, having lunch earlier… Everything earlier.

  • Did you know Spanish before you come here?

No, I didn´t. I studied German at school and I only knew two words in Spanish: “hola” and “adios”.

  • Why did you choose Logroño?

For personal reasons really. Actually I arrived in Madrid and I met my husband there while I was working. He is from Logroño so when we met we decided to come here to live.

  • What are the biggest differences between here and there?

Apart from the timetable there are many differences. There I lived on the beach and went swimming every morning. There is much more of a beach culture there as most people live on the coast. Also Australia is a country made up of many different cultures so I really miss Asian food and a wide choice of restaurants and cultural events. People have to travel longer distances to get around and to get to work.

  • Do you like living here? Why?

Yes, I love living here. I really like Logroño and enjoy the many traditions that are celebrated around La Rioja. I also like that eating is so important and people know how to eat well. Logroño is a really comfortable city for getting around and if you can find a job I think it´s a great place to live. It´s not too big but not too small.

  • What do you miss the most about Australia?

Of course, the first thing would be my family. I used to see them every day and now every two years or so. I also miss the coast, the smell of the coast, the bush and going to the cricket in summer.


Thank you for the interview, Mahani. I am glad to have you as a teacher.

J.Times Ñoticias

Curso: 1º ESO

Tutor: Álvaro Bañares