“I’m very happy in Logroño”

Sábado, 24 marzo 2018

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Sam Dixon is a native speaker who comes from the UK. He studied Italian in the University of Leeds, and now he wants to learn Spanish. He teaches Primary School students and he learns Spanish, too.

Living in Spain is a good opportunity to improve my level of the language.

Why did you decide to come to Logroño?

Last year I was teaching in Sevilla and I liked it but it was very hot and dry and the landscape was very boring, so I wanted to change the environment and live somewhere with beautiful nature and mild weather.


Could you choose among other destinations?

Yes, I could decide, and it was between Castilla León and Valencia. I chose these because they have elements that I would enjoy, like the beach or the mountains.


Why did you decide Logroño instead of Valencia and Castilla?

Because I wanted to explore a region that I didn’t know much about.


Do you think that Logroño was the good choice?

Yes, I’m very happy in Logroño and the landscape it’s so beautiful and it has a lot culture and history.


Why did you decide to choose this job?

Because I enjoy learning Spanish and living in Spain, it’s a great opportunity to improve my level and I want to go out of my comfort zone, new experiences and new culture.


Why did you choose to work in primary school?

Because my confidence in teaching wasn’t high enough.


Now, have you gained enough confidence?

Yes, I could teach adults. I feel more confident now because I have gained a lot experience and also I got the Tefl certificate.


Did you study at university?

Yes, I studied at the University of Leeds in the north of England, I studied Italian four years and I lived in Verona 1 year.


Which degree did you study?

Italian Studies, it includes Italian history, literature and the language.


Could you decide among other jobs?

The last year of university I had studied Spanish elective and my teacher told me about teaching in Spain. And I didn’t know what to do with my future.


Is this the first time you work as a native speaker?

No, it’s the second time teaching English in Spain.


Where was the first time?

My first time was last year in Sevilla from September to May.


Do you enjoy working at this job?

I enjoy teaching English and working with children.


Did you think when you were younger that you will be teaching in Spain?

No, because I wanted to be a journalist.


Do you miss your parents or anybody?

Yes, a little bit. I miss hanging out with my friends and speaking about English culture.


Is it difficult to work far away from home?

Yes and no; no, because it’s easy to fly home; and yes, because I miss my friends and family.


How often do you call your parents or friends?

I video-call my best friend every week by Skype

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