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A member of AGUSTINEWS with Gloria Herrero. AGUSTINEWS
A member os Agustinews with Gloria Herrero. AGUSTINEWS

De profesión, teacher of English

A teacher of English, not an English teacher Today, Agustinews is meeting Gloria Herrero. She is a teacher of English in Valle del Cidacos Secondary School in Calahorra. She is waiting for us at the hall of the school. She looks anxious, as she tells us this is the first interview in her life. We follow her to a room where we could talk without being disturb, as everybody knows, a secondary school is busy and noisy between classes.
My sister and mother with three grupal cosplayers at Barcelona

Cosplay: be who you want to be!

“Cosplay” means “costume and play”. People who do cosplay often dress up like a manga, TV show, movie, band or videogame character. They can buy the costumes on the internet, or they can make it, but it’s difficult to sew your own costume. You can improve your costume with makeup, wigs, and even the character’s weapons. People go to conventions with their costumes, take photos with other cosplayers, and also learn or

My favorite movie, "Intouchables".

The Intouchables, English movie poster. “Intouchables” (The Intouchables) is a French movie filmed in 2011. With François Cluzet as Philippe, and Omar Sy as Driss, this movie it’s based on a real story about a quadriplegic man and his young assistant. It’s

Los más pequeños del Colegio aprenden inglés

Http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXc_d8pK014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXc_d8pK014

All around the world!

Day 1. Amsterdam. Hello! Today, we arrived in Amsterdam. It’s the capital city of The Netherlands. There are lots of streets with beautiful houses, buildings and channels. The weather is warm, and it’s a sunny day. Now, we’re going on a boat to sightsee the city.

Hand lettering

  Hand lettering is the loosed art of drawing letters by hand or, as we know it calligraphy. People practice It as an inexpensive hobby, and as a beautiful way to express themselves. There are lots and lots of fonts (types of letters ) and ornaments  you can draw, and you can mix


A grommet (grom) is a young person who practices extreme sports. In the beggining, it was just used for young surfer, under sixteen years old, but now a days It’s used for kids and teenagers who practice extreme sports, mosly snowboarding, skating and of course, surfing. The

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